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Is what they called it... But technically I am allergic to the rise in temperature of my skin/body. At the time of this interview, I still did not fully understand what CU was. For the first three years I believed I was allergic to my own sweat and tears. But now I have learned it is in fact when my skin becomes warm due to physical movement or climate temperatures.

-Cholinergic Urticaria-

(I've never watched this news report they did about me and my rare skin condition, and I never plan to. I did not want to do this interview but gave in to the idea because I saw it as a way to get my story out there.)


Creating awareness is very important to me. Maybe one day we can possibly find a cure for CU. Maybe I can finally receive financial assitance and have CU be recognized as a disability. Maybe we can help create research programs. Maybe we can encourage scientists to study CU. Maybe we can create foundations to fund CU research. Maybe we can help people understand this disease better. Maybe we can let people know that it is not contagious. Maybe one day CU will be a common term and when a stranger looks at me with disgust in public, asking me, 'what is that rash on my arm?' I can turn their disgust into compassion by replying, "I have CU." By sharing this story, the possibilities are endless. The world is not tolerant of other people's differences. And the main reason is because it is something they do not understand. But by creating awareness of our own issues, we can help people learn not to stare or say harsh remarks, because we are all fighting our own battles.